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How to set up your new Knowledge Base section

In order to set up your new knowledge base section, I have set up a page (in the “Pages” section) called “Knowledge Base.”  All of the content that populates this page will come from the “Knowledge Base” items that you set in the “Knowledge Base” section of WordPress (see the side navigation).  Every time that you add a new item make sure to also add it to a category so that it will show up.  In order to publish the Knowledge Base page to the site, you will want to navigate to the page in the WordPress admin and set the Publish->Visibility to “Password Protected.”  This will allow you to only allow users in that have the correct password.  You will then need to add this page to the Appearance ->Menus section so that it shows in a menu.  The menu is getting rather large, so if you prefer to put it somewhere else, i.e.  the site footer, just let me know.  Good luck!

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