• Size

    .54” OD through 26” OD

  • spec

    ASTM A-53 Grade: A & B; A-135
A-252 Grade 1, 2, 3; API5L Grade A & B; and API5LX42 thru X-70

Seamless pipe is produced domestically in sizes .54” OD through 26” OD. Seamless pipe is produced without a seam or weld in the circumference. Seamless pipe is produced using a variety of methods. To put it in the most simplistic terms; Seamless pipe is produced by piercing a solid billet of deoxidized and conditioned steel, which has been prepared and heated to the appropriate temperature. It is then processed through a series of mills where the pipe is finished to its prescribed dimensions. Seamless sizes over 14” OD are usually rotary rolled from 14” seamless shells which expand the diameter and reduce the wall thickness to the approximate dimensions required. Small sizes of seamless pipe are generally obtained through the use of a stretch reduced mill. In this process, the outside diameter and the wall thickness of the pipe is reduced through a series of rolls. Seamless pipe goes through various finishing operations including straightening, inspection, testing, and end finishing. Seamless pipe is widely used in construction, oil refining, chemical and petro-chemical industries.

Seamless pipe is available in the following specifications: ASTM A-53 Grades A & B; A-106 Grades A, B, and C; A-252 Grades 1,2,and 3; A-333 Grades 1 through 9; A-335 Grades P-1 through P-22; A-501, A-523, A-589, API5L Grades A & B, and API5L X42 through X65.

It is common practice to dual stencil seamless pipe with API5L and ASTM A-53 monograms. Seamless pipe is available in single random and double random lengths. It is not normally supplied in uniform lengths. End finishes for A-53 include: plain ends, beveled or square cut, grooved for victaulic couplings and threaded and coupled. Grades other than A-53 are normally supplied in plain end only, either square cut or beveled. A “two-step” bevel is available for pipe that is 6”+ with at least a ¾” OD.